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Builder Programs

If a project is in need of a builder program or has price segmentation such as multiple neighborhood pods, we will help recruit national, regional or local builders and set up the master builder contracts, the product mix and the lot purchase agreements to be offered.

Builders appreciate hearing how we can help them make their margins and sales goals. They realize we understand their business and that you – the developer - have made a good decision to bring us on board to insure that there is a cohesive sales and marketing program for the community. We are also good third party mediators and sounding boards for the builder group.

Builder members enjoy our expertise and the guidance we can offer with home plan designs, product specifications, sales operations and sales collateral. As a part of your consultation agreement, we would offer the builder members contracted for the community these types of services as well. This, too, assures better relations, sales success and communication with the builder team.

We can help the builders with sales training, sales presentations, the community's sales operation and prospective buyer tracking. Generating traffic is so costly in today's market that not only should the developer oversee this, but also the sales management of the traffic created.

The fact is, no matter how great your community, if the home products are not right, or the sales force unskilled, your momentum will suffer. We train all the agents as well as the hostesses and golf club staff on how to "talk" or sell the lifestyle not just the price ranges or "sticks and bricks". We would oversee the design and construction of the sales and information center for the community and its sales displays.