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If a project is in need of a builder program or has price segmentation such as multiple neighborhood pods, we will help recruit national, regional or local builders and set up the master builder contracts. At the start up of every project, a clear positioning or brand must be defined. From this comes the project’s sales and marketing strategy including all publicity, special events and promotions. Weekly or monthly meetings of the development team are held. We help you conduct the meetings and set up the agenda as well as the distribution of minutes. This way an effective chain of command is created and the team is encouraged to work together effectively.

We are involved in nearly all the components needed for the creation and implementation of a planned community. We work closely with you to determine where our focus will be and how extensive our services are in order to get the job done rapidly and cost effectively. Our goal is to complete the consultation work and leave the community running efficiently with a successful land plan, builder program, sales system and marketing operation in place.