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Today, the firm has active projects in several states providing consultation services or participation. Projects are qualified or chosen based on the participants, the deal structure and its potential to perform.

The firm’s philosophy is, “great teams make great projects”. Time and time again they have shown that in order to be successful you must understand, trust and respect each member of the team. They have worked on some of the finest planned communities in the country and with some of the most notable land developers.

Their commitment to hard work and the success on each project has put them in the best circles of land development excellence, where they now have a long list of clients, contacts and friends who know and understand the land development business. They are active members of ULI, the National Association of Home Builders, the Association of Realtors, the Congress for New Urbanism and the Crittenden Conference group and have held leadership positions in most of these associations as well as served as featured speakers.

The firm has worked on every aspect of creating a new community or turning one around. They are able to dissect a land plan, assemble the builder program, brand the community, launch and maintain the sales velocity at or above the expected level. They are conduits for funding and bringing builders to the table in all product types and price ranges. From master planned resorts to neo-traditional urban infills, the firm knows how to structure the deal, retire the debt and make the profit expected – the true sign of a successful project.